About Conscious Living


Conscious Living has taken on a completely whole new different level for me from the first time I got started on this.


As seen in “Climate Change — In Focus” exhibition edition.cnn.com

It now involves  the world as a whole, and a whole lot of concern I have for animals in remote parts of the world…- not that I have never been an animal lover before of course. But where this journey has brought me to is nothing short of incredible, yet filled with a lot of gut wrenching and stabbing heart pangs when I became aware for the first time what is happening in some parts of the world.

Stuff which perhaps not a lot of us are aware of.



Picture above shows a solitary bear sitting on the edge of Barter Islands, Alaska. Where there should be snow at that time of the year, there is none. 



A Task of Urgency

There aren’t many things in Life which spurs me enough to urge people to do something, but this just might be the first one.

There is a feeling of innate urgency where I sense that it is more than a necessity for the whole lot of us, you and me, to take action in any way that we can. No, it doesn’t mean that we start running of in a tandem and behave like as though it is the end of the world tomorrow, but it is a time when each of us need to call forth the best within us, take action calmly, and exercise wisdom doing so.

Education is Key

As I do a lot more research myself and become more acquainted with global issues associated with climate change, the more I began to realize that people like me can’t just sit around and do nothing, knowing what I know and pretend that everything is all right.

Why? No other reason than because, I can. I can do something.

I might not be able to go out there and physically do something, but what I do know is awareness and education within itself will begin to do the job and could start off a chain reaction where someone, somewhere in another part of the world will be able to take action where they are in the position to do so.

The point is this. Education is key, as it has always been. We can’t solve a problem unless we know that there is a problem.

Exercise Wisdom

If you are someone who isn’t as acquainted with global issues pertaining to global warming and climate change, then I also want to point out that when you begin going down the rabbit hole as they call it, you will see lots of information out there which can confuse.

Whether it is information pro-climate change, and against climate change, I will always say, thread with caution, and exercise your better judgement and wisdom.

Also, just a heads up, you will always meet with climate change deniers out there. But I suggest to waste no time on them. To put it simply, governments are unlikely willing to put themselves in a position where they will likely receive a lot of backlash and criticisms from the public, much less to waste their time, energy, money, and infrastructure on an issue which is not worth their time, something like sustainable energy. Governments and countries like China, India, the Swedish, Danish and Germans are already looking and applying alternative energy source. (Green energy)  

So while they are doing their jobs, let’s try to do ours and see what we individuals can do.


Questions To Ask For Impactful Change On A Massive Scale

We are at a time where change on a massive scale is required for this to work. 

Whether climate change deniers want to argue against that or not, know that there is nothing normal with the world as it is now, with massive consumption, population growing at an exponential rate, and industrialization increasing at the pace that it is now, and despite that, there are still places in the world where people still starve and go without food and electricity.  There is absolutely nothing normal about ramming down forests and nature which supplies oxygen on a massive scale for plantation and timber and our food being produced in a way that is non natural, not to mention the chemicals and toxins being pumped into the air by cars, factories, you name it.

The questions we need to ask ourselves is:

Do we need more? Do we need more than what we have now? Has technology gone out of control where it is promoting more greed and need? Can we use technology in a better way? Is the world, nations really efficient with their use of resources? Can we utilize our resources in a better way? Can we use our minds in a better way?

It is time to change the thinking that we can’t do much as an individual but constantly ask ourselves how we can begin to create change and impact.

Remember, the idea of recycling to be more eco-friendly first began somewhere. The first Earth Day in 1970 was what brought about more environmental awareness, and quoting Wikipedia, “brought 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.” Since then, Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries. 

Yet, we shouldn’t wait around for very much longer, before involving ourselves in doing something. We don’t know for sure what the repercussions are for the effects of climate change decades in, but current models of mathematical predictions are not showing positive results. Looking at the evidences of what is happening in several parts of the world like the Artics, we already know it is not looking good.

If we can just take a step back, take a little while to contemplate the reality that we are facing, i.e pollution, over-population, climate change etc. how long do we feel we can go on like this?

And now, I’d like very much to hear from you, and to connect with you. What are your thoughts on this? Tell me about them either in the comments below, or email me at jassica@jassicania.com and, if you like what you read, share and subscribe below for similiar articles!