Live Like You Are Walking A Tightrope Across Niagara Falls


The other day, I wrote a post on “Getting Over Depression”, but for some reason, did not share it out there. I am all for sharing my experiences, and letting people out there who might be going through the same thing know that they are not alone. However right now, truth is, I am feeling alot less than an inspirational and a self help preacher. Still, stay with me, because you might still gain something out of this post on Living Life. And look, this is just how it is. Life journey at it’s best. Even during the down times, there is beauty in it. So if you are really going through a similar situation, just know that you are not alone. I can bet at least someone within your circle, someone whom you know might very well be going through the same thing.

Keep going.

I found that in the midst of life throwing lemons at you, one of the best thing to do is to keep going, and my way of keeping going is to get involved in something that I really enjoy doing.

I’ll be frank, my situation is abit of a precarious one. I have a love for many things, yet at the same time, at the moment, my current truth is I do not wish to be tied down to anything, or rather, I am not sure if I’d want to be.  After almost 2 years 5 months in, recovering from acute leukemia, I feel like I am like a baby chick just born into this world. Many choices, many decisions to make. It is a quest for myself to find out who I really am, what I want to do, what I really want to pursue, who I want to Be, and what I’d like to redefine myself to be.

Let’s face it.

I am no longer the same person I knew or thought myself to be.

It feels like a complete reborn, with past shackles slowly coming off me, and me redefining who I want to be. Life is a constant evolution, growth and expansion, and I am personally witnessing that for myself. While it can be extremely uncertain and the not knowing where I am going absolutely drive me nuts at times, I have to say that being an observer to my own life can be quite satisfying as well.

So here’s what I have been up to:

Engaging myself with what I love as much as possible 



Breakfast/brunch lately has been a special affair given the scenes I would have set up before hand for a photoshoot. When you finally sit down after about 50 takes of shots, it’s one of those moments where despite all that is going on, you just feel really grateful to be alive. Plus, the weather has been quite kind recently over here.

I do so love the mornings, when the occasional whisper of the morning breeze gently touches my face from time to time, always seemingly trying to remind me to stay present in the current moment where all the magic is.


That’s also where I learnt that Spirit, or a Higher Power speaks to you through Nature.

If you are open to hear it.




So here’s a simple, short little something of what I have since been applying into my life:

Live every moment like as though I am walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls. 

And no I am not saying to live in fear. What I really mean, is to be fully engaged with your senses, to be fully in the moment. When you are in such a risky situation, where a single wrong step can be fatal, that’s really the point when you will be fully, thoroughly, absorbed in the moment. 





That’s the moment when you truly engage with Life.




Yet, you do not need such an intense situation to begin engaging with Life and its wonders.

In my experience, when I am fully absorbed in every action, fully present with all my 5 senses, that’s when I can truly see and feel the essence behind everything. Life becomes even more special. The trees look greener, the brown woody colour of my table looks even more enhanced. When I look out the window,  I sense the magnificence of the towering buildings which I have been looking at for the past 5 years, which was once just ‘another’ ordinary building to me. Everything around me looks even more 3D. That’s also what happens when you see something or someone who takes your breath away. Even just for that one instant.

I found that when you look at something without any conscious or unconscious inner commentary or judgement, when you become aware or conscious enough of the running train of your thoughts, it is when you begin to truly look at something, like as though you have seen it for the first time. Like as though you are looking at something with a new, fresh pair of eyes. Try this on a person and see what happens. It can be interesting. 

Of course, that is just my experience.

I always say to people, you cannot truly know something until you have tried it out for yourself.  Until it becomes your experience. Until it becomes your truth.

So begin by getting out of your mind, and don’t run away with your usual thoughts and the feelings which comes with it. They will be there  and you probably can’t stop them. But what you can do, is to just allow them to be. Look at your thoughts from the perspective of an observer in the background, but don’t judge them. It is what it is.

With enough practice, you might realize that you are thinking a thought, but that you can also disengage from it. When you do that, you will find that you can allow your thoughts, feelings to arise and be as they are, without letting them run your life, and taking you over. Also, often times, our thoughts, conscious and unconscious judgments mask up the true experience which you are meant to be experiencing in any given moment.

And in every present moment, there is much magic and power awaiting for you to realize it, and to know that to be so


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3 key players to our Happiness and Work Efficiency levels!

In Life, all of us want the same things ultimately, Happiness, Love, Good Health and Abundance. And we all have our own personal ways of achieving what we want. 1fa14fb0

Hence, one of the things I am most passionate about throughout the years of my spiritual journey is playing around with the techniques of manifesting or creating my desires. It intrigues me, fascinates me and thrills the heck out of me. It is often a wonder really how it all works, and contrary to what I have believed where I thought that you need to have intense focus to manifest your desires, oftentimes, it is a blend of everything that is really what make everything flows.

I believe a lot of us would have experience some days where it can be especially tough and you feel like you are not even sure where you are going, and you just completely doubt yourself. I know that those are the days when I would be just so far removed from everything that I believe and know to be the ultimate truth.

So here’s the thing.

During such days, it is not that you are completely incapable of doing the best that you can, but the truth is, you are most likely just running low on fuel. I don’t quite believe you will tell your car off for running low on petrol, won’t you? Likewise, we all have our personal emotional and physical tanks of fuel where we sometimes find ourselves at one point just completely drained, tired and just plain exhausted.

And what’s the best part?

These emotional and physical fuel tanks of ours are indicators of what we need to do to fill it back up again.

These indicators are reminders to prevent ourselves to coming to an unnecessary ‘forced’ halt in the form of a possible physical breakdown where your body stops you from being mobile. That is also the reason why some people come down with a horrible bug and render themselves completely immobilized and needing to be confined to the bed for days at a time, or for worse case scenarios, an illness which stops devoid them completely of physical activities for a while. For such situations, it is often after years of doing everything that is against their emotional well being, which might have led to this. 

Listen to your bodyHealthy living

It knows what you need. On days when you are completely drained, it is highly likely that all you need is a really good night’s sleep, or a lay in for the weekend. From my personal experience, it
sure works for me. And yes, even being a Miss Positive does not stop me from being drained and exhausted by the end of the week. It sounds simple, but I can count many people who won’t allow themselves such a simple thing which is required to recharge the body. Also, don’t forget to eat well, and make sure you are properly nourished via the foods you take. Food is medicine. Choose wisely.

Take time off for You

It is important that one takes time off for themselves, in the midst of the hustle bustle. It might mean you need to be firm about your schedules and stop being a ‘yes’ person.

Now, I suggest rather than viewing this perspective as being ‘selfish’, try seeing it in the perspective in that you can’t be of any help to another if you are feeling down, grumpy, moody and drained. As much as most of us want to help and be helpful, we often forget that since we are one of the main components to play in other people’s lives, putting ourselves first needs to be on the top few on our priority list because without us being rejuvenated, and energized, we are really of no use to anyone else, much less ourselves.

Consciously connect to Fun and Play1409826466neabd

The truth is, if you are not happy, and if you are not filled with enough love and joy and excitement for Life, you can’t really give much to another anyway.

I have always heard this sentence ever since the start of my spiritual journey, but it wasn’t until I truly and totally assimilated this knowing into my being in that I finally understand what this really means.

Contrary to what I have been taught in that, it is wrong to please oneself in doing what you love because ‘Life is hard’, it has been difficult to even allowing myself to all the goodies of Life. Hence, it certainly has been a journey to a point where I have finally learnt to stop feeling guilty for having and doing something that pleasures me. And may I add, the statement ‘Life is hard’ is a belief within itself. If you have been browsing about my webpage, then you will know that I am a strong advocate of  choosing only beliefs which serve you and make you feel better about yourself.

Sometimes, rather than being too caught up in our daily routine, take some time off to consciously focus on what makes us feel joyful and happy. Other than enough rest, and good nourishment, what feeds and stimulates our mind plays a major part in our emotional and physical fuel tanks, and ultimately our happiness levels. As a real work addict and someone who likes to push through the lines of what I can achieve, I found that I need to consciously remember to be in touch to what thrill my soul buds. The result is always a wonderful feeling of heart expansion, to me a clear sign of channels opening up for me to achieve more in my daily routine.

How does this relate to work efficiency?

If you are not already aware, how this all relates to work efficiency is that, when you take time off for you, when you allow yourself enough fun, and play time, the end result is a much happier, contented, and stimulated you. You will find yourself much more at ease, much more playful and hence resulting in a much more creative you. Usual problems and life’s tricky situations which occur will bug you less, and you will be more inclined to be in a position to maneuver around such situations without allowing them to get you down. 

On the relationship area, you will be much more well liked, and have an instant charisma attractor factor, all by just being a much more happier, well balanced and easy person.

And no, I am not a fortune teller. 

Try this for yourself and you will be your very own testament to this truth. 


Take a look at what thrills me! 

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Tips to get through Mercury Retrograde

 Another period of Mercury Retrograde has ended, for now,.. but finally.

Pic by courtesy of Conor MacNeill

The energy has been intense and for those of us who are much more sensitive, we are bound to be influenced by this particular planetary movement. I have long wondered however despite saying so, is it true that this particular course of planetary happenstance is affecting us, or is it just in our minds?   

I just listened to a particular youtube video of Eckhart Tolle explaining just this, and it reassured me a little that it is very possibly true (given he is someone of deep spiritual insight for those of you who don’t know him), that some people can be affected by energies of all kinds.

But what hit home is how he mentioned very simply, as he always does, that the act of being aware and staying conscious is what will reduce the impact of these energies flying around, almost making you invisible to such energies. Which means they pass through you, and do not affect you.

Personally, the past 3 weeks for me ever since the start of these year has been challenging, to say the least. It coincides with the start of Mercury Retrograde from the 5th of January, until today , 25th January. I was also involved with some work that deals with plenty of other people’s energies so it was really interesting how everything happened.

I have to say also, the past 3 weeks was a time when I was least conscious, or present. It was a time of my life where I struggled to stay afloat and grasping the better of myself by the tip of my fingers. Interestingly enough, it was also a time where I learnt the most , from learning the skills of dealing with people, from learning that the toughest time could also bring out the best in me, and from remembering all the simplest and easiest ways I could uplift myself and make myself feel better again.

I survived it all. And this ordeal came with the price of humility and it certainly felt like it has brought me back down to earth – if that makes any sense.

Anyway, here comes the point of my article.

If there are any tips to get through the next Mercury Retrograde coming up April 28 – May 22, 2016, (which is still a while yet but still..), here are some of mine which I have gathered through the last few intense January weeks.

  1. Practise Presence.

Making it a constant spiritual practice of staying present. Be a non-judgmental observer of your own thoughts, and stop making an identity of yourself out of your thoughts and creating any more negative energy,

I have been an avid practitioner of the Power of Now. Yet, quite frankly, during challenging times, it is even much more difficult to stay present and to not identifying myself with my thoughts. I occasionally suddenly become aware that I am taking my thoughts too seriously- but most times, I am also aware that I am constantly caught up in my pain and troubles.

Eckhart Tolle always say that it is easier to practice presence during less challenging times, and even during times when things are going well. And indeed, it is.

Life has its own peak times and low times. Such is the nature of Life. But if we know how to navigate around it, and manage the low times, times where we are experiencing low energies, we won’t feel like we are constantly up against it, and pushing against Life.

Also, it is indeed good to have Eckhart’s confirmation that being present helps one to get through times of intense energies. And yes, even during one such as Mercury retrograde.


  1. Take it easy.

When the going gets tough, and you feel like you are pushing through life, then it is often wise to take a step back.

Put you first because truth is, forget about everyone else when you are down in the dumps. Just like this analogy, you can’t help another in a rapidly decreasing oxygen environment when you don’t even have your oxygen mask on, the same thing applies here. If you are one who is always all for being in the spirit of giving, being kind and compassionate, and looking to be an uplifter and an inspirer or role model, then please, do yourself a favor by giving some love to yourself.


  1. See the approach of Mercury Retrograde as an opportunity

It is said that Mercury Retrograde is a time of reassessment of our priorities, our desires. Which is good because I prefer dealing with anything that is considered to be ‘challenging’, in a way that allows us to make friends with it.

Rather than looking at this period of Mercury Retrograde as a time of challenge, rather see this as an opportunity to reassess your current position, your values, your goals, your desires,… you get the drift.

 Be honest with yourself with what you really want, where you really want to go, and while honesty with oneself is actually one of the hardest things to do, it is worthwhile doing it. I have found that it is during the down-est of times when I am forced to be completely upfront and honest with myself about my Life, and while I don’t like the answers, there is power with being completely open and honest with yourself.  It forces you to have a clear view on what is going on, and pushes you into a direction which eventually benefits you. Even if you can’t see it yet.

So, see this as a time of reevaluation of your current positioning in Life, perhaps even a time to take some time off and chill. If it is going to intense, then at least you are prepared for it, and even though we never know what Life can bring (it might not be as intense as you think) but at least you know where you stand. And meanwhile, take a few hints off Eckhart Tolle’s book the Power of Now, (if you haven’t read it, I really suggest you do) and constantly practice them.


  1. Be willing to slow down.

So what about situations when you feel like you are literally pushing against things and situations around every corner?

Then, slow down.

Life isn’t as mean as you think it is actually. In fact, some of this constant struggles and blockages, perceived or real are actually in place for us to make us stop, and really take a look at what is in front of us. They serve as a reminder to ‘ Be Here Now.’

Which always brings us back to staying in the present moment, and to be willing to allow ourselves to not resist what is happening in the moment of ‘Now’.

Be willing to allow yourself to slow down, and allow yourself the luxury to move through the day, slowly but steadily, allowing yourself to ‘allow’ things to be as they are, and staying completely present with the knowing that what you need to know to resolve any issue will be revealed to you.

And as you trust, have faith, and know it to be so, so it will become undone unto you. Just so Life works.

And so, there you have it. I hope this helps for those of you who might have been through the ‘worst’ of intense energy.

Let me know if it does!


Tons of love,

Jassica Nia xx

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