There are days when I succumb , there are days when I have seemingly failed.  But there are days when I just know, that everything is going exactly , accordingly , to Divine order and plan.

– Jassica Nia


Life is as such where it is exactly as how you make it to be. The problem is, you are so powerful in that however you choose to perceive Life, be it some things you’d think you’d be good at, some things maybe not or just so-so, some things which you’d fail at like money and relationships, some things which you’re exceedingly good at,..  you are absolutely 100% right.

And, hidden within this “problem”, is one of our biggest blessings, one which lay like a sword  in our hands for our wielding. 

Use this wrongly , we will severe and cut ourselves off from the flow, supply and abundance of Life. Use it rightly , we have within our disposal a mighty tool which can propel us forward in leaps and fold through Life.



You are your own testament to the truth of Life.

 Life is a never ending experiment. Each and everyday is an opportunity for you to witness what you believe is true , and each and everyday is a day where you can be of witness to what is truly possible.

As with all experiments, you might not get it right each and every day. But one thing that is for sure is, you will get better at it.

Life is really what we make it to be. We have been given the gift to think, to reason and to rationalize. Within this gift is another precious gift of choice. While there are times, and many of it, when we certainly seem to behave in a way where we are almost rendered helpless and powerless in the situation, there within it lies the opportunity of exercising the choice of pure “reaction”, or response which arises out from an inner sense of depth and wisdom.


What is “true” , is very subjective.  

We can all only personally experience what is true for us, while the other person next to you could be experiencing a whole different “truth” all together.

But the beauty is that, we do actually have a choice in choosing what is true for us.

When we begin to align with the Life principles of wholeness, joy, love, harmony, peace and goodwill, we will begin to reap whatsoever we choose to reflect upon.

When we turn away and resist all that which is good, all that which Life is,  we only experience whatever that we choose to resist.


 Who is God?

It is in here where we might then begin to see who is the real “thinker” in our personal Universe, what is it that we think is “God”. Who is that which is God, when we see our life events play out “as we greatly feared“, that what we expect and fear to be comes to pass. And if this is to be, why can’t it be the opposite?

 A lot of us can attest to ourselves seemingly having played a role in whatever life experience which is playing out. When we have good days, it can seem to get better. When we have bad days, it snowballs.

While there are instances and situations which we on our own have no explanations for, there is still the truth where a part of us definitely served a role in creating our own reality, experience, and life drama. 

And if this is to be the case, why not use this to its maximum benefit? Why not be our own evidence to what Life really is? Why not just consciously partake in that which is called Life, play and experiment?


Life Just Is.

Life just is. You are that which Life is.  Life only becomes dead when you make it to be so. Life is “what it is” when you make it to be that way. The statement “Life becomes an end as you grow older” is true only if you choose it be. Life gives you less opportunities as you age when you think that to be.  Life is dangerous and painful only when you perceive it be.


Be that which is eternal, to know what never dies.

Love, peace, harmony, good will, patience, kindness and humility are qualities that are eternal, and which never grow old. Continue being these qualities, and we will begin to know that which is eternal, and that which never dies, even as everything on the physical level fades away as it would do with time, the Laws of the Physical World. 


So what do you choose right now?

What do you choose to align with as part of your principles of Life?

What would you choose to perceive Life to be if you can opt to choose to see all as good, as love, peace, joy and harmony?

Would you choose any differently if you know that what you choose to contemplate and reflect upon eventually becomes You?

Would you choose differently if you know you can change what you call to be your “habit” and to be “You”? 

Be whatever that which we wish to experience in Life, and we will only then begin to experience more of it. 


The change starts with us.



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