What If Tomorrow Never Comes?

This has become one of my favourite question of contemplation. And while it might sound depressing, it actually isn’t and can be one of the most awakening and enlightening question ever asked.

So, here I ask you, What If, Tomorrow Never Comes?

I would like to invite you on this opportunity to contemplate this question now and view it as a reality which is more than likely a possibility.

So, with this, two things can arise. 

First, you might begin to feel fear because you don’t know what will happen. You might begin to feel the fear of dying.

Second, there might come the regret that you haven’t done what you wanted to do, said what you wanted to say, all the opportunities you might have missed or seen fly past your face.

But every adversity comes with an opportunity. 

It is here where I invite you to take this opportunity to see that, all that was, has happened. It is in the past, and there is nothing you can do about it except accepting as it is, acknowledging it and moving on with it now. Regretful though it can be, or as painful as it can feel, the fact remains is you are here now. And so upon considering all of that, here are some another questions:

How would your perception of everything change?

How would your outlook on life be different?

How would you react to things happening in this very moment?

How would your outlook on your entire life up till this very moment of now be different?

And lastly, the million dollar question:

If Today, is All You Have, what would you do, think, behave, or say, given “Now”, is all that you have?

Once you have met with your fear, one of three things can happen either by itself, or progressively.

First, the Denial of the fear.

This will result in you telling yourself, that the likelihood of “Tomorrow never comes’ will never happen anyway. At least not now.

Two, You decide that this question is too much to handle.

Of course, this is okay. Most people rather not face this question because it can be too much. Yet all it takes is just some gentle pondering. Baby steps.  The truth is, you can give it up now, but you will have to come back to this at some point anyway. And the not so nice truth is, Death, is the inevitable. Perhaps, rather than trying to avoid the topic of “Death”, we might as well look at it directly. We might as well die early. And by that, I mean, not physically , but meeting with the possibility of death now, conceptually.

Three. The journey of accepting, acknowledging and working with the true source of Fear begins.

We all live our lives with fear. Fear of something happening to us. Fear of a disaster in the form of a physical accident, natural disaster, sickness, loss of jobs, breaking up of a relationship, bankruptcy, loss of a roof over our heads, loss of stature and position within the society, and the fear of physical death of yourself and all of whom that you love. But looking beyond all that is, underneath it, is the fear of us losing everything that we have ever known, the fear of everything that we think is ‘Us’, the identity that you think is ‘You’ being utterly and completely shattered and ripped away from you.

We fear death itself.

Our mind, consisting of all of whom we think we are, what we think to be our personality, and all that it encompasses including material possessions, is so fearful of losing all of these attachments that it will do literally anything to hold on to it. That’s why we fight so hard in our daily lives, we push, we strive, we’d do anything just to hold on to this identity we have created, all of which actually, is just an illusion.

My Glimpse through the Window of Death

I have the opportunity to glimpse through the window of Death whilst I was in hospital. It was more than just a mere possibility. Anything could happen. I heard that a woman few rooms down passed through the night out of an “unexpected” after surgery complication. The “unexpected” was not accounted for. That woman never had the opportunity to see through the night.

That’s when I realized I might not even wake up tomorrow.

Now that incident has made me realized the truth.  That upon lying on your deathbed, or in my case, in a hospital bed, immobilized, helplessly weak and in pain, I. Have. Nothing.” That everything I ever thought I have is just like the whiff of the smell of a perfume passing by on a breeze. I never had anything. I never owned anything, and I will never be able to take anything with me if I were to die now.  

Everything that I have sought to hold on to, my relationships, my position in society, money in the bank, my identity, is all gone. It never truly mattered. What was left and what was real at that point in time was my physical body that was diagnosed with a condition called Acute Leukemia. I was left with nothing but regrets of what I have not done with my life. Regrets that I was so hard on myself, regrets that I have lived the whole of my life up till then being incredibly inauthentic and small, regrets that I have tried to live my life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and needs, and not mine.

This ripping away of attachments and the illusion of my identity, continued on during the process of recovery where I continued to “die before I die”, looking and reconsidering what really matters for me and my Life. 2 years later now, I am finally able to talk about it, and meet with the possibility of death. Which is why I now speak about it and encourage everyone else to do the same.

What Truly Matters

Meeting with death, before your actual death can be the most liberating experience one ever have.

Why? Because you do away with what is not real. And then what is left behind, will be more than just a precious stone. It will be the jewel of the source of Life, the elixir of Life, and the one thing which never dies.

What is real, can never be destroyed. And that is the essence of who we are inside of us. That one constant factor which is still there when everything else fades away. The constant factor that which is the real You.

When Tomorrow never comes, all there is left is You. The You that comes out once you do away with the false self that consists of all your fears and insecurities, when you realized what truly matters in Life.

If Tomorrow Never Comes, you will begin to see that what truly matters. And what truly matters is the here and now. What truly matters is showing up fully in this very precious moment that you have and giving it everything you’ve got, and appreciating every second, and every moment you have. It doesn’t matter what you have not done, nor what you should have done. It doesn’t matter if you are completely bankrupt, and your lover left you. It doesn’t matter who betrayed you nor who stolen from you. Because all that is past and gone, and you might not even have a tomorrow.

That is dying before you die. Yet if one were to truly begin live this way, they will then begin to see Life as what it is. Instead of living in a routine and dying in the process, living will become one of the most amazing things that have happened to you. You live like there is no tomorrow. 

Everything will become worth living for.

Another Invitation to Life

So here is another invitation for you to contemplate the questions of how you would live your life herein onwards after contemplating ‘What if Tomorrow Never Comes’ .

What would you do, given you have now considered another aspect of reality which you have probably never touched on before?

What decisions would you make, given what you know now?

What thoughts would you choose to think, given what you know now?

Would you make more conscious decisions on doing things that you have always wanted to do?

Would you live your life in a different way?

How would you live your life, if you are given the chance to choose again?

How would you choose to live your life, after having even the slightest glimpse, through the window of Death itself…?

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    1. Yes, and you know what, this way of living can be pretty amazing. Even just a brief insight into it, can be amazing. You begin to see what really matters in the whole scheme of daily Life!

  1. I loved your quote “every adversity comes with an opportunity.” I have a similar quote on my vision board.
    If I knew tomorrow would not come, I would probably drop out of school. I would get more serious about following my dreams instead of trying to get the best GPA in college.

    1. Hello Meiah, thanks so much! I see that we are similiar in the sense of really trying super hard to get good results in college , etc etc. And you see with this way of viewing Life, it just puts things into perspective isn’t it? Now go take that one step towards your dream. Much love, xx

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